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Living in Tilburg

What happens when a package from home is delivered and I am not at home?

You will find a note in your mailbox which says where it is. Sometimes they give the package to the neighbour so that you can pick it up there, sometimes they will come back a day later or you can pick it up at the post office. Find someone to translate the note for you when necessary!

What should I do with garbage?

In Tilburg, household waste must be separated by type. You probably have two containers which consist of two compartments. The blue one is for paper, the orange one for plastic, cans and packages of drinks. The green compartment can be used to dispose of biodegradable waste such as vegetables, food and garden trimmings. The grey compartment is for the remaining household waste. All containers must be placed outside for collection at set times. You can check when the neighbours put their containers outside and you just do the same ;-)! Or you fill in your postal code and home number at this website:

If you deposit your rubbish on the streets at any other time, you risk a fine. Most apartment buildings have an underground waste storage area.

You should bring large items (furniture, electrical appliances, etc.) to the municipal recycling centre, or phone 31 14 013 to arrange collection.

Where do I find second hand things like furniture or a bike?

Most Dutch people go to to find 2nd hand things. It is in Dutch so you probably need someone to help you, but some international students succeeded to find good deals in this way.

Also you can go to one of the 2nd hand shops in town. There is 'La Poubelle' at Hoevenseweg 3 (open Tuesday to Saturday 10-17h, Monday 13h-17h). Or you can go to 'Kringloop Tilburg' at Ceramstraat 12 (open Tuesday to Friday 10h-18h and Saturday 10h-17h).

In the introweek in August, Connect Tilburg will be giving away a lot of 2nd hand kitchen utensils and small furniture to new international students. Come find us! In the 'coming up' section on this page you can see when and where.



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